Getaria Guitar Multi Effects Pedal, Delay Reverb Phase Chorus Distortion Overdrive with IR Loading Multi Effects Pedal

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Support when loading the IR file multi effect pedal supports a third-party IR file. If you cover the

1. Support when loading the IR file multi effect pedal supports a third-party IR file. If you cover the original IR file, use the USB cable supplied with the product to import a third-party IR box simulation file to the software Cube Suger Online computer. You can also download the Cube Suger software via our official website. 2. Live and preset mode. With the combined effect pedal and the live mode, the guitarist can edit the sound effect chain and hold the pin for a long time to save it. For the PRESET mode, we have the three clic PRESET original effects (distortion, overdrive), voice-less). The three T ne can be exchanged freely. These multi effects offer you the best experience for live performances. 3. Combined multifunctional effects: the guitar effect pedal contains 9 clic amp simulations such as Fender Pro Princeton, Lin 6 Vetta, Mashall 1960 etc. 2 modulation effects (chorus, phase shift), 1 band distortion, 1 hall effect, 8 classic IR file models and a high-pr tuner. A multi-effect pedal specially developed for electric guitarists. 4. Bluetooth connection/mobile phone recording guitar effect pedal supports wireless music playback. Very practical for accompaniment. The multi effect also supports mobile phone recording with 3.5 mm head jack output for clearer heights and monitors. 5. With DC supply Getaria Cube Baby guitars multi-effect pedal built-in battery. This mini pedal effect supports charging and consumes power at the same time. It only needs to be charged for 2 hours. They are in power and solve the problem of remote power supply.
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